Ein Baum und seine Abenteuer

Introducing MusicHub

MusicHub is a website I have been working on lately.

I started it after joining DiscussionHub, a friendly general discussion forum. I wanted to make something for all members and so I came up with the concept for MusicHub. The idea is to have an easy to use and minimalistic music player on the web. A website you can visit and listen to some good music.

Staying true to this concept music starts playing once you visit the site. You can skip songs, play/pause, choose to jump to a specific song from the playlist and change the volume. You can also change the background image, but that is more of an on top feature.

I hope you enjoy the site.


I learned some things building it, most notably how to work with audio on a website. There will be a post about that, so stay tuned.

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