Ein Baum und seine Abenteuer

Scotsman are the better Vikings

Recently I watched two movies that ended up being about Viking funerals. So I think it’s fair to compare them.

What We Did on Our Holiday

A movie about the tensions that can arise within families. Gordie is suffering terminal cancer and so one of his sons throws him a party. The sons brother and his family are traveling to Scotland for the occasion. Not only is the later only inches short of a divorce which he doesn’t want his dead to find out about, the brothers also genuinely disagree on just about everything. All that glues the family together is Gordie and the way he treats the kids. Who taken on a journey to the see grant him his dying wish off a Viking funeral.

Really awesome movie. About family finding together again, about love, loos, pain and happiness. Tons of British humor mixed with light characters and beautiful scenery.

See you in Valhalla

This movie starts with a Viking suicide that brings a family of each other hating siblings together. There is the Psychiatrist and his gay boyfriend, a normal family father and the sister who paints and never got over her ex-boyfriend. Non of them ever get along but since their brother died they have to start to do so.

One may notice at this point that this movie didn’t capture me in the slightest. It has a pretty cool theme with the Viking but in the end it’s just a shallow story that waists so much potential. Each character carries more into this movie than can be resolved during 90 minutes and at the end everything is supposedly fine.


Yay, for Vikings in movies and burials in flaming boats, go watch “What we did on our holiday” it is a brightly shining movie with a dark theme that can carry you a bit. Consider “See you in Valhally” if you like the Viking theme and want something american.

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