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GitHub repos

Below is a lit of all my repositories on GitHub. Sorted by their current status of activity.

This List is generated using rs2md following repostatus.


BlankUp Markdown editing with clarity +1

BlankUp-Electron Markdown editor with clarity +1, as a desktop application.

Formosus A plugin for Chrome that customizes the look of the “new Tab”.

meilidu-hexo MeiliDu, beatuiful reading theme for Hexo.

react-blogposts Following along with my React blogposts and video series.

repostatus-to-markdown Create a markdown formatted overview of your repos statuses.

unsplash-scraper A simple command line scraper for unsplash.com.


browserbasedgames A collection of JavaScript games.

hljs-genesis An adaptation of https://github.com/jmcalaway/atom-genesis-syntax to be used with highlightjs

myCodeConverter Converts code into a colored version for myBB based forums.

public-domain-images A curated list of public domain image resources.

react-basic A very simple React and Redux app to illustrate development setup.


dodge-js A simple JS based game utalyzing require.js.

month-picker A material design element to pick a month.

MusicHub MusicHub is a place to come and listen.

puerF Commandline interface to use puer with Freemarker templates.


tunnel A simple tunnel game to play in your browser.


HManga A framework to download and view mangas from different sources.

HOPA A simple One Page Application framework. (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

xin Webdev framework, not sure about any details yet.

No status

meilidu Simple and elegant blog design.

react.163 Presenting how I structured my ReactJS based application.

simple-greeting A simple Polymer element for a tutorial and demonstration purposes.

test-freemarker-variables A simple test case for variables in freemarker.js

testing-puer-as-middleware Illustrate a problem with puer used as middleware